About me

I'm a graphic designer from Oulu in northern Finland. For reliable and people oriented design. I work fluently in Finnish and English.

email: sami.nyyssola@gmail.com
phone: +358 (0) 44 2177 610
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Curriculum Vitae

2019 • Graphic designer at MeKiwi.

2018 • Created and published Learn Finnish without studying, a graphic guide for learning Finnish.

2018 • Art Director at Arte Povera ltd.

2018 • Graphic Design Consultant for International Federation of Red Cross. Layout, design and creating of educational materials for topics such as Community Based Healthcare database and Epidemic Control.

2017 • Graphic Designer Internship at UNOPS in Myanmar, working with some of the largest development funds in Myanmar, including the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT), The Three Millennium Development Goal Fund (3MDG), and the Joint Peace Fund (JPF)

2016 • Created and published 24 Päivää graphic novel about refugee stories

2016 - 2017 • Game development projects, team work and studies as graphic designer at Oulu Game Lab, Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Featured projects: Skirmish, Overtowered

2013 - 2016 • Senior reporter (international and domestic), comic artist and news translation (Finnish to English) for Finland Times

2009 - 2015 • Graphic Design studies in the University of Lapland, Degree: Master of Arts

2015 • Internship at Scintilla ltd. as a graphic designer incl. advertisement, web- and product design

2015 • Internship at PKC WS, illustrations and general assistance in patent claim, international communications assistance

2015 • Logo and brand work for RC Quiet Systems

2014 • Graphic designer for LYY Speksi -theater

2013 - 2014 • Editor, producer, artist in art student comic magazine LTT

2013 • Logo design for Lapin Sinisarastus RY, VEKA project: Kylätalo Kitinen

2013 • Internship as a graphic designer in Visual Norden

2012 • Designed and realized a calligraphy themed attraction, taught calligraphy to staff and customers at ProSanta Oy

2011 - 2012 • Exchange in Yamaguchi Prefectural university, Japan

2010 • Designed logo for Finnish Forest Ministy's exhibition building Pilke

2009 - 2013 • Comic reviewer for Lapin Kansa newspaper


Adobe CC • Excellent
Web design • Good
3D Modeling • Good
Video editing • Good
Unity • Basics

Finnish • Native
English • Excellent
Japanese • Good
Swedish • Good
French • Good
German • Basics

Illustration • Excellent
Writing • Excellent
Photography • Good
Music • Good


As the art director at Arte Povera ltd. I have been responsible for designing and realizing brand concepts and materials for customers such as Pohjois-Suomen Hirsitalokeskus Oy and Suomen Toimitusjohtajakoulu Oy.
Work at: Arte Povera ltd.

As a graphic designer consultant for International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent I have worked on layout, design and creating of educational materials for topics such as Community based health and first aid, Epidemic Control and Healthy lifestyle promotion.
Work at: International Federation of Red Cross

As a graphic design intern for six months at UNOPS in Myanmar, I did the 2016 Annual Report layouts for 3MDG and LIFT funds.
Work at: UNOPS in Myanmar

As a graphic design intern for three months at Scintilla ltd. I realized their website and marketing material along with updating the brand identity for new markets.
Client: Scintilla ltd.


UI design, art assets and marketing graphics for android game Skirmish at Oulu Game Lab
Team: Shield & Card


Satire comic strips for Finland Times
Client: Finland Times


The Finnish forest ministry organized a competition for finding a logo for their exhibition hall Pilke in Rovaniemi. My work was chosen as the winner. After the competition I worked for a while on implementation of the logo to their visual identity.
Client: Metsähallitus



Learn Finnish without studying, a graphic guide to learning Finnish. Exhibitions at Oulu Provincial Library.

Exhibition work from 24 Päivää graphic novel. Exhibitions: Oulu Provincial Library; Rovaniemi, University of Lapland, Galleria Kilo

Title: Kiss. Digital painting.

Title: Hurja peikko siellä kömpii. Was chosen to be part of an online exhibition of Kiasma, Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art Felt markers on paper

Title: Dickgull. This comic has been well received for being hilarious, daring and contemporary.
Published by Psy Media
2011 - 2014
on ibook

Title: Röllimaisema. This image was realized with Photoshop and showcases my passion for monochrome art.
Digital drawing


Title: Spheal. 3D modeling is an exciting blend of artistic disciplines: form, light, texture, motion; I am always exploring new ways of creating with it.
3D model rendering made in Blender