Customer cases

As the art director at Arte Povera ltd. I have been responsible for designing and realizing brand concepts and materials for customers such as Pohjois-Suomen Hirsitalokeskus Oy and Suomen Toimitusjohtajakoulu Oy.
Work at: Arte Povera ltd.

As a graphic designer consultant for International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent I have worked on layout, design and creating of educational materials for topics such as Community based health and first aid, Epidemic Control and Healthy lifestyle promotion.
Work at: International Federation of Red Cross

As a graphic design intern for six months at UNOPS in Myanmar, I did the 2016 Annual Report layouts for 3MDG and LIFT funds.
Work at: UNOPS in Myanmar

As a graphic design intern for three months at Scintilla ltd. I realized their website and marketing material along with updating the brand identity for new markets.
Client: Scintilla ltd.


UI design, art assets and marketing graphics for android game Skirmish at Oulu Game Lab
Team: Shield & Card


Satire comic strips for Finland Times
Client: Finland Times


The Finnish forest ministry organized a competition for finding a logo for their exhibition hall Pilke in Rovaniemi. My work was chosen as the winner. After the competition I worked for a while on implementation of the logo to their visual identity.
Client: Metsähallitus


RC Quiet Systems is a business based in Quebec that makes high quality RC plane parts. I worked with creating the logo and defining their brand.
Client: RC Quiet Systems


Logo design that was commissioned for community hall project in Sodankylä to reflect the community spirit and cultural origins of the region.
Client: Lapin Sinisarastus ry


Enepuu is an energy planning enterprise in Kempele, specializing in modern wood heating solutions. This logo was ordered to represent the natural, progressive values.
Client: Enepuu


LYY Speksi theater’s Satu play’s logo, print- and online material through a season of several months. The whole production included dozens of students and was a success in both economy and high spirits!
Client: LYY


Lentävän Poron Teatteri is a theater group based in Rovaniemi with whom I have worked on illustrations and commercial content, including summer theater's marketing materials. Featured above are a logo along with the well-adopted emblem and commercial illustrations. They were a close client to Visual Norden during my internship.
Client: Lentävän Poron Teatteri
2012 - 2013



Exhibition work from 24 Päivää graphic novel. Exhibitions: Oulu Provincial Library; Rovaniemi, University of Lapland, Galleria Kilo

Title: Kiss. Digital painting.

Title: Hurja peikko siellä kömpii. Was chosen to be part of an online exhibition of Kiasma, Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art Felt markers on paper

Title: Dickgull. This comic has been well received for being hilarious, daring and contemporary.
Published by Psy Media
2011 - 2014
on ibook

Title: Röllimaisema. This image was realized with Photoshop and showcases my passion for monochrome art.
Digital drawing


Title: Spheal. 3D modeling is an exciting blend of artistic disciplines: form, light, texture, motion; I am always exploring new ways of creating with it.
3D model rendering made in Blender


Title: Seattle skyline. This panoramic photo was taken just before sunset on a ferry leaving from the port, beautifully graduating from day to night.
Digital photograph